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Respectability and reliability: The Swiss Private School Register is above all an attestation of the readiness and competence of the listed private schools to meet their educational commitments at a high level of quality and according to their contractual obligations.

A Single system: One unique system has clearly better chances of winning acceptance on the open market.  There is no parallel system which could lead to intransparency and confusion for students and parents.

Advancement of the private-public partnership:  Through collaboration with private institutions and the allocation of mandates in the area of education, the state and cantons must be able to evaluate the legality of the negotiating parties.  By finding a solution that encompasses the entire educational domain (schools from any branch can register in the Private School Register), the Private School Register establishes the base of trust needed for such an enterprise.

A Seal of approval for private schools:  By becoming members of the Register, schools can clearly distinguish themselves from unserious or discredited schools.  This type of trust-building mechanism, of which the credibility is attested to by the top trade associations of Switzerland, is especially important for foreign students.

Facilitation of Visa issue:  Entry in the Register is likely to help schools with the process of obtaining Visas for foreign students.  As its notoriety increases, the Swiss Private School Register will serve as a reference for the Department of Migration and Swiss diplomatic services abroad.

Advancement of Switzerland as an educational and tourist destination:  The image of Switzerland as a country of educational opportunities will be promoted, thereby benefiting Swiss tourism.

the Register

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