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Together with the central associations for the Swiss economy, the Swiss Federation of Private Schools (Bern), hotelleriesuisse (Bern) and the Foundation for the Advancement of Rudolf Steiner Education in Switzerland (Zurich) established the Swiss Private School Register Foundation on 28th August 2006. The purpose of the Foundation is to protect the good reputation of Switzerland as a place for education with its private educational institutions.

Due to the lack of a legal foundation, Swiss private schools were unable to gain accreditation either at a national or cantonal level and prove their credibility in this way. As a result, the above organisations have decided to close this gap in the law using their own initiative and to establish a “Swiss Private School Register”. The central associations for the Swiss economy (Schweizerischer Gewerbeverband SGV, Schweizer Arbeitgeberverband SAV, economiesuisse, Fédération des Entreprises Romandes and Centre Patronal) support this plan and provide the required credibility by taking the majority of seats in the Foundation Board. 

Quality assurance and a central information hub as the key tasks

The purpose of this register is to certify that the registered private schools provide a good educational service and to confirm their professionalism and credibility to the public, to the authorities, and to customers. For both national and international students, the Foundation takes on the role of a contact point and information centre for any possible problems with the schools entered in the register. In addition the Foundation protects the good reputation of Switzerland and also the private educational institutions as education locations.

As an interested school you can find a lot of information on the registration requirements, the benefits of registration and other important aspects of the Swiss Private School Register, and as a student or parent you can check whether a particular education institute can be classed as credible.

We are available at any time for questions and further information.

the Register

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